Why reteach breech?

3-4% of all term babies are breech. Of those, 1/4 to 1/3 are undiagnosed when labor begins. If you are a midwife, physician, nurse, EMT, or doula, you are likely to encounter a surprise breech during your career. In addition, many women with known breech presentations wish to avoid a cesarean section and want skilled providers to attend them. We owe it to women to offer them safe vaginal breech birth.

This workshop will give you the skills and confidence to understand the normal mechanisms of breech birth, to know when to be hands-off and when to offer assistance, and to apply the appropriate maneuvers for women in both supine and upright positions. You will also learn about the most up-to-date evidence about term breech outcomes for the baby and for the mother (both short- and long-term), and for the mother's future pregnancies and births.

The workshop includes 15 hours of instruction and hands-on training by a breech researcher and an obstetrician who has attended breech births in both home and hospital settings. Click here to download a detailed description of the breech workshop sessions (PDF).