How to book

Breech Without Borders offers 2- and 3-day vaginal breech workshops.

If you are interested in booking a workshop, please contact Dr. Rixa Freeze at Feel free to share this workshop flyer with colleagues and host institutions (PDF download here). Click here to download a detailed description of the breech workshop sessions (PDF).

How does it work? 
Breech Without Borders sets up online registration and reimburses local organizers for any expenses such as room rental or food. After covering program expenses, all proceeds are donated to Breech Without Borders, a 501(c)3 nonprofit (public charity), to further its educational missions.

Local organizers help by finding a workshop classroom, advertising, and arranging for food/drinks during the workshops. The organizer's most important role is promoting the workshop both online and in person. Once 25 people have registered, the organizer receives free admission, and one additional helper receives 50% off the ticket price.

A workshop is generally capped at 50 attendees. We are willing to teach larger groups if we add additional days of hands-on training or restrict the hands-on portion to a smaller group.

Workshop fees
Workshop fees are typically $350/$300 student or the USD equivalent for the 2-day training and $500 /$450 student for the 3-day training. If you live outside the US & Canada, we will work to make our workshop affordable in your local economy. We are also willing to pursue grant funding to support workshops in economically disadvantaged areas.

We can also bring the workshop to your organization or institution for a flat fee. Please inquire as rates vary by location.

Workshop contracts
Option A: The local organizer agrees to have at least 20 people enrolled within 45 days prior to the event. If less than 20 are enrolled by the deadline, the local organizer agrees to pay the remainder due. This contract ensures that the event will not be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Option B: 20 people must be enrolled within 60 days prior to the event. The local host does not have any financial responsibility; however, Breech Without Borders may choose to cancel due to low enrollment.

Do you offer CEUs/CMEs?
We currently offer continuing education credits through ACNM, MEAC, and the Midwifery Council of New Zealand. We can apply for CMEs via the European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME) with at least 6 months' advance notice; these CMEs have reciprocity in the US and Canada. We are also happy to apply for CMEs via your institution's continuing education department.

What languages do you teach in?
We teach in English and are happy to work with a translator that you provide. If workshops are translated, the 2-day workshop will require 3 full days to account for the translation process.

What are the requirements for a workshop classroom?
  • A space that seats 50 people
  • A projector or large TV for showing Powerpoint slides & videos
  • A good wifi connection (for livestreaming)
When are you available?
We are currently booking workshops for 2020. We will be in Europe and surrounding areas (North Africa, Russia, Middle East) from January-July. From August-December, we offer workshops in North America and Oceania. We are available to travel further afield if there is sufficient interest.